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change the memory when running SVPreprocess



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    Genevieve Brandt (she/her)

    Thank you for your post! Bob Handsaker has been tagged and will get back to you shortly.

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    Dear all,

    Here is the comments from Bob, it works for me when setting "-memLimit 8".


    One approach is to pass -memLimit N (gigabyte units, e.g. -memLimit 4), which will set the default java memory limit for all of the individual jobs (not just ReduceInsertSizeHistograms). This will only affect jobs that do not specifically set a different memory limit in the Q script.

    The other option is to edit the Q script itself to set a higher memory limit for ReduceInsertSizeHistograms only. In qscript/SVQScript.q see the definition for ReduceInsertSizeHistograms and add 'this.memoryLimit = Some(4)' or whatever you need. You will see other examples of commands that override the default memory limits in this way (e.g. MergeSamFiles requests 8g).

    Since you are using -jobRunner ParallelShell, giving large amounts of memory to the parent Queue process with


    is actually counter-productive. The parent process is just tracking what needs to be done and forking child processes to do the work. So you should just give it 4g (or maybe 8g if you are processing thousands of input files) and that should be plenty.


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