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Mutect2 Tumor-only calling of variants with high AF?



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    David Benjamin

    Usually not.  The problem is that somatic variants are sufficiently rare that even alleles absent from gnomAD (so that you can safely say that the prevalence is less than 1 in 100,000) are more likely to be rare germline variants than somatic if they have a germline het-ish AF.  You can turn this off by setting -default-af 0, but there will be even more false positives.

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    I also got somatic variants with high AF from MuTect2-GATK

    gatk Mutect2 -R $GENOME/genome.fa -L $SCRATCH/S07604624_Regions_sorted.bed -I $WORK/${sample}_dedup.bam -tumor ${sample} --germline-resource $SCRATCH/af-only-gnomad.raw.sites_hg19.vcf -pon $SCRATCH/Mutect2-exome-panel_hg19.vcf -O $WORK/${sample}_tumor_only_unfiltered.vcf

    gatk GetPileupSummaries -I $WORK/${sample}_dedup.bam -V $SCRATCH/small_exac_common_3_hg19.vcf -L $SCRATCH/small_exac_common_3_hg19.vcf -O $WORK/${sample}_pileups.table

    gatk CalculateContamination -I$WORK/${sample}_pileups.table -O $WORK/${sample}.contamination.table

    gatk FilterMutectCalls -V $WORK/${sample}_tumor_only_unfiltered.vcf -R $GENOME/genome.fa --contamination-table $WORK/${sample}.contamination.table -O $WORK/${sample}_tumor_only.filtered.vcf

    Some of these variants overlap with calls from HaplotypeCaller:

    gatk --java-options -Xmx40g HaplotypeCaller -R $GENOME/genome.fa -I $WORK/${sample}_dedup.bam -O $WORK/${sample}_germline_unfiltered.vcf -L $SCRATCH/S07604624_Regions_sorted.bed --dbsnp $SCRATCH/Homo_sapiens_assembly19.dbsnp138_hg19.vcf

    gatk SelectVariants -R $GENOME/genome.fa -V $WORK/${sample}_germline_unfiltered.vcf --select-type-to-include SNP --restrict-alleles-to BIALLELIC --exclude-non-variants TRUE -O $WORK/${sample}_germline_unfiltered.snps.vcf

    gatk SelectVariants -R $GENOME/genome.fa -V $WORK/${sample}_germline_unfiltered.vcf --select-type-to-include INDEL --exclude-non-variants TRUE -O $WORK/${sample}_germline_unfiltered.indels.vcf

    gatk VariantFiltration -V $WORK/${sample}_germline_unfiltered.snps.vcf -filter 'QD < 2.0' --filter-name 'QD2' -filter 'QUAL < 30.0' --filter-name 'QUAL30' -filter 'SOR > 3.0' --filter-name 'SOR3' -filter 'FS > 60.0' --filter-name 'FS60' -filter 'MQ < 40.0' --filter-name 'MQ40' -filter 'MQRankSum < -12.5' --filter-name 'MQRankSum-12.5' -filter 'ReadPosRankSum < -8.0' --filter-name 'ReadPosRankSum-8' -O $WORK/${sample}T_germline_filtered.snps.vcf


    How to deal these variants?

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    David Benjamin

    There's nothing you can do.  A variant that doesn't show up in your germline resource, with an allele fraction near 1/2, could be somatic or germline.  If the sample is impure such that somatic hets with no CNVs have allele fraction less than 1/2 FilterMutectCalls can do better by modeling the spectrum of allele fractions.  Likewise, FilterMutectCalls can do a decent job with tumor-only calling of cfDNA samples.  In general though, the uncertainty is unavoidable.

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