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about Mutect2 usage



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    David Benjamin

    Sukjung Choi I'm confused because the Mutect2 command says that the normal sample name is normal.bam, but the output VCF header says it is 10001625-TN.replaced.bam.  Could you double-check that the command line you posted is exactly the command you used to generate this output?

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    Sukjung Choi

    Thank you for your comment, David

    my command is like that

    /usr/local/lib/gatk- --java-options "-Xmx2g" Mutect2 \
    -R /data/Reference/GRCh38/GRCh38.p12.genome.fa \
    -I 10001625-TT.replaced.bam \
    -I 10001625-TN.replaced.bam \
    -tumor 10001625-TT.replaced.bam \
    -normal 10001625-TN.replaced.bam \
    -O 1_somatic_m2.vcf.gz \
    -bamout 2_tumor_normal_m2.bam

    So, I add disable option

    --disable-read-filter MappingQualityAvailableReadFilter \

    Then, I could detect varients.

    Is it all right?

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    David Benjamin

    If disabling the mapping quality available read filter is necessary to call variants, then something is wrong with your bam file.  Because mapping artifacts are so common, it is very important for Mutect2 to have access to mapping qualities.  What aligner are you using?  Is there anything in your pipeline that might strip mapping qualities off of reads?

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