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GenotypeGVCFs hangs at GenomicsDBLibLoader



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    Sara Oppenheim


    After testing a bunch of things, I have determined that if I run GenotypeGVCFs on a single sample gvcf file, or if I run GenotypeGVCFs on a multi-sample gvcf generated with CombineGVCFs, it works. But if I run it on the same samples combined with GenomicsDBImport, it stalls at the GenomicsDBLibLoader step.

    My SysAdmin reports that it gets stuck at

    It is still the case that using a genomicsdb created with GenomicsDBImport as the -V input to GenotypeGVCFs works fine on other servers.
    It is frustrating to have to change my protocol, as my intention was to spread my work across servers, carrying out the exact same procedures on all my data.

    So I am still soliciting advice on this.
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    Sara Oppenheim

    Further update:

    Using the same dataset combined using CombineGVCFs, the GenotypeGVCFs job runs fine.

    Can anyone suggest an explanation???

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    David Roazen

    Hi Sara Oppenheim,

    I don't believe it's hanging during load of the GenomicsDB library -- the fact that the log message "GenomicsDBLibLoader - GenomicsDB native library version : 1.5.1-84e800e" is output indicates that the library was actually loaded successfully.

    More likely the issue has to do with memory. You are giving 160 GB of memory to Java via the "-Xmx160g" flag, but GenomicsDB is implemented in C/C++ and requires its own memory on top of the Java memory required by GATK. If your machine only has 160 GB of physical memory total, this means that you are leaving no memory for GenomicsDB.

    I'd recommend decreasing your "-Xmx/-Xms" values to give less memory to Java and more memory to GenomicsDB, and then see if the tool is able to run to completion.

    Another thing you could try, if that doesn't work: while the Java process is running and appears to be hung, you can run the "jstack" command ("jstack <gatk_process_id>") to inspect what's going on inside the process and see where it's spending its time. 

    Hope this helps,


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