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Asking for Guidance on Variant Calling Pipeline - Biological replicates


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    Gökalp Çelik

    Hi H.T

    The message about GVCF mode being incompatible with multiple samples is correct. When HaplotypeCaller complains about multiple samples it means that each bam input has a different sample name or a pooled bam has multiple sample names present in it. If you really wish to distinguish you replicates using different sample names and generate a VCF with these different sample names you can run HaplotypeCaller just without the -ERC GVCF parameter and HaplotypeCaller will still generate a multisample VCF file. 

    You can check the header of your bam file using 

    samtools view -H

    If you observe multiple SM tags in the header then it is the reason for your troubles. 

    If your intention is to have a single sample name but a combined bam file just to increase depth then you need to use

    gatk AddOrReplaceReadGroups 

    tool to fix multiple sample names issue from your bam file. 

    I hope this helps. 

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