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ukb - Merging Y chromosome VCF file having different number of samples



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    Laura Gauthier

    Hi Shashank Shekhar Padhi,

    This has been an issue since the beginning of time and I can suggest a variety of workarounds.  If you're really intent on having a single VCF file, then you'll need to fill in no-calls `./.` for all the female samples.  We don't have a tool to do that, but it would be pretty quick to write a new GATK walker of your own if you know any Java.  (I don't suggest the awk route because there are many ways that handcrafted, artisanal VCFs go awry, not the lease of which is people forgetting to reindex.)

    That said, all of the statistical tests in a traditional GWAS are independent.  You could certainly run the Y chromosome separately. After that, depending on your desired next steps, you could keep the Y results separate or combine the GWAS-derived variant-p-value pairs in pandas or hail or similar.  At this point the genotype data is gone and the ploidy won't be an issue.


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    Shashank Shekhar Padhi

    Yeah, it sounds logical. Thank you Laura Gauthier for your suggestions. 

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