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Errors about input files having missing or incompatible contigs Follow


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    Field -Ye Tian

    Dear GATK group,

    I have encounter a similar (if not the same) problem running the Mutect2 program. 

    It says "A USER ERROR has occurred: Input files reference and features have incompatible contigs: No overlapping contigs found.

    reference contigs = [NC_000001.11, NT_187361.1, NT_187362.1, NT_187363.1, NT_187364.1, NT_187365.1, NT_187366.1, NT_187367.1, NT_187368.1, NT_187369.1, NC_000002.12, NT_187370.1,.........(where I omitted many more items)

    features contigs = [chr1, chr2, chr3, chr4, chr5, chr6, chr7, chr8, chr9, chr10, chr11, chr12, chr13, chr14, chr15, chr16, chr17, chr18, chr19, chr20, chr21, chr22, chrX, chrY, chrM, chr1_KI270706v1_random, chr1_KI270707v1_random, chr1_KI270708v1_random, chr1_KI270709v1_random, chr1_KI270710v1_random, chr1_KI270711v1_random, chr1_KI270712v1_random,........"


    I figured that the mismatch is between the ref and VCF files (1000g_pon.hg38.vcf.gz and somatic-hg38_af-only-gnomad.hg38.vcf from

    and Ref file (The unpatched grch38 assembly from NCBI

    If I run the program without the pon and germline source files, the program works smoothly. 


    I wonder if the inconsistency is caused by the out-dated grch38 assembly and whether it can be solved by using the uptodate grch38 patch 13. 


    Many thanks.


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    Field -Ye Tian

    As a quick update, align with the latest grch38patch13 didn't solve the above-mentioned problem. 


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